How did this game evan go Gold? so many Glitches!!!


I’m a long term turn 10 and Forza fan and player. I was really excited for this game and it looks Beautiful, but GOD! I can’t evan enjoy the game this is so many issues.

Here is just a few as follows,

My two favorite cars and I can’t enjoy them…

Buick GNX

  1. When you select wider rear tires just he wheels get bigger with no tires attached and look terrible.
  2. When you choose to add a hood etc nothing happens.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R

  1. When in Forza vista the tires are not connected to the wheels look terrible
  2. When actually racing the car the headlight stay on and look like xbox 360 graphics

Glitching and studdering on OVEL track racing

Black out screen when loading sometimes.

These are just a new, Turn 10 please fix this game that should not of shipped with tons on issues.

Thank you,



Moving this to discussion. If you actually need help with something please post in the appropriate thread that is aligned with the issue you are having or create a new post.

Thank you

Does seem to be several rushed elements wrong with the game. Without doubt, FM6 was more polished out of the gate.

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This is The best Forza I have ever played.
I Love it.

Go play Project Cars 2, I had more then 100 bugs after 24 hours of play and then the [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)] game deleted my career.

Thanks T10 for giving me a race game that actually works. I am loving it.

Saying something like “Game B has way more bugs than your favorite Game A (Forza), so stop complaining and enjoy the lesser glitched game”.

T10 has gotten us accustomed to a certain level of polish and quality and when there are gaps, it’s going to come out in the open. It is completely irrelevant how a competing or non-competing franchise has ‘way more bugs’.

Some game breaking and quality-breaking bugs are present - it’s been nearly 3 full days. Acknowledgement or some kind of comments from the developers would be nice.


So people like you can complain.

Hahaha good One. :wink: