HotWheels First Impressions

Yep, agree…

Well they could have at least placed it hanging from one of those balloon drone rigs to give us a shot at driving a Unimog into it!!
In a booming voice: “You’ve gained 15 minutes of play with NO SERVER ISSUES!! :smile:

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“Finding Issue Free Server…” (waiting, waiting…)

“Joining Issue Free Server…” (waiting, waiting…)

"Issue Free Server Play Begins In… 5… 4… 7…

“You Have Been Disconnected.”


:joy: so true…


I am glad they did another Hot Wheels Expansion. And I absolutely love my Deora II. However, I do have three main criticisms.

  1. Some of the trees in the rainforest biome are noticeably floating above the hills.

  2. Let’s not mince words: the biomes use assets recycled from the main map and have then been exaggerated so that the waterfalls, trees, and canyons feel huge. The ice and lava biome is the most unique of the three, but even that is arguably a bigger version of La Caldera.

  3. Although you could argue FH3 only had T-rexes, I think one might notice that the only animatronics present are now noticeably toy dragons… and they interact with the roads even less than the T-rexes did. It would’ve been nice to see a variety of animatronics that fit a different biome. In fact: imagine if a giant snake was in the rainforest, and there was a large mongoose somewhere in the canyon?

I’m not a hater of this expansion, and I openly embrace it… but I’ll be the first to admit it could’ve been done better to be honest.


I had a couple of Achievements randomly trigger with it. I just assumed they were Achievements I should have already gotten that didn’t properly trigger in the first place.