HOTROD'S small custom flame tutorial

heres a small look at how i make custom flames
im not much for words but hope these pics help everyone enjoy

STEP 1 (creating the outline and fillin in) USING ONLY 2 SHAPES (the moon quarter shaped moon and the full moon circle)

STEP 2 (creating the outline) i did by taking the red in outline in the pic above i copied, cut and pasted it under everything and moved and stamped around til i got the outline i needed. i removed excessive lavers. then used quarter moon shape for the tips of flames.

STEP 3 (the hood) i just copied and pasted the side to the hood and fitted it to line up using other shapes as i needed.

STEP 4 (adding color) using gradient shapes. i start off with light gradient shapes around the tips of flames as i move down towards the body of the flames i use heavier thicker gradient shapes and as i do different layers i adjust color slightly for good blend so the colors blend smoothly/



Hey great post FlameRod King87 you are the king of flames… : )

As for the best I’m not quite there yet. There’s better people like Dragonarts and rockstof i only am there shoe shiner LOL

Thanks Hotrod. Never tried flames before, so this will sure start me off. But it seems easier said than done.

To a extent it is but I’ll break down more pics soon
Just to the chevelle it took about 4 hours shading is what gets time consuming.