Hotlapping against friend(s)

It seems that Rivals feature is quite good for hotlapping but what if you wish to choose your own track and car. And then compare lap times against your friends? Are we missing that feature or am I missing some menu now?

ps. what is the quickest access to the photo mode from the main screen?

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To compare times with your friends you go to the leaderboard and press X several times until it shows your friends.

Photo mode can be accessed during any single player race, test drive mode, or any replay. Start a race and press start and it should be in the list of options. In a replay there should be a camera icon in the play bar (I say should because I haven’t watched a replay yet).

Okay, thanks! So no more photo mode on ‘home space’?

Best way I’ve got round this is go to Freeplay mode, select car and track, take drivatars off, set about 10 laps (or whatever you want to do). At the end of the race check leaderboard. Then tell your friend I have set a time on say Watkins Glen in day conditions in a S class ‘sport GT’ for example, then your friend can then select the same settings in freeplay and see your time. Also you can view leaderboards in freeplay, while choosing your track, press Y for all layouts then X to view leaderboard (or Y then X I’m at work so can’t check right now).

It’s long winded way but it’s the only option I can see.

^Thanks! This seems to work.

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Yeah, no time run mode but god bless they invented different suits for the driver, that are priorities…

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