Hot Wheels Mexico - ArkProjectX Tango MK2

Blueprint : ArkProjectX Hot Wheels Tango MK2
Share Code : 183 381 702
Gamertag : arkra1ders
Description: A technical Goliath Hot Wheels type race that will take time to master. If you like S1, S2 or X speed and enjoy games like Wipeout, this is for you. This is a race and not a stunt track (aka not an obstacle course type event, however it certainly shares those trates).

Note - arrow road signs that point left & right at 2 junction points, ensure you take left first, then right pair on 2nd runs. Don’t panic, the checkpoints are clear to follow however the signs are a bonus for navigation at night. Use the visual aids for lining up your car correctly with oncoming jumps.

S1 - BAC Mono
S2 - Koenigsegg CCGT


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