Horrible unrealistic!

If you just want to explore then it’s great. But for those of us who acctually want to challenge ourselves and race on hard difficulty’s. It’s impossible because even when you turn assists like steering off. You don’t get full control of the car! Just because I’m going 50 MPH doesn’t mean my wheels can’t turn as much! What’s the point of all this downforce if I can’t use it!? And the drivitars are horrible cheaters on every difficulty. They just slam into you and push you into a wall! Or brake check you to make the guy in front get ahead as though they are on a team! And when you get to difficulties like pro or above, there’s always one drivitar who is WAY faster then the rest. Like you’ll get on the straight and it will pull away like crazy. That’s super unfair and makes this game nothing to do with racing skill. I shouldn’t be setting the difficulty at pro. Easily beat everyone in the race but have one guy 10 second ahead of me and me be 10 seconds o head of everyone else. It’s just too unfair and I can’t move up difficulties because I can’t beat the one guy! Because I know there will be more like this one. It’s stupid. That being said it’s a great story and a fun game. Too bad there’s just so much wrong with it. Liek I was racing like Normal in a jag F-type when a bently completely overlooked braking and ran right into me on a turn. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] is that!? It’s just to unrealistic to be consided a proper car game. It’s a shame because Forza Horizon 3 was so good and the driflvitars were much more realistic. I just want a normal dang race. Maybe I have to go to NFS or the crew to get some real racing.

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Two words… ENTER KEY, press it once in a while.

(Sorry I can’t help you, I couldn’t get past the second sentence because I kept losing my place.)

What do you mean with steering assists off, is it on normal or simulation?
On normal (for controllers), the steering input is limited to what the car can handle. If you would turn the wheel further, the car would just go straight (that’s how I see it, I might be wrong tho)
Also, i see you compare it to FH3, but it hasnt changed that much imo, for what ive noticed so far is that down force might be nerved a bit, but i haven’t used down force cars so often yet.

The thing about drivatars going mad blocking you from reaching top 3, I feel you man. They all try and ram me too. Because of this, I had to turn the difficulty back to pro because the brake checking and ramming slows me down way to much to reach the 1st place racer to actually “race” them. But the leading drivatar on impossible has always been way faster than the others, in FH3, FM6 and FM7.

Couldnt read any further, as DarkWolf said, use the enter key bro.