Horizon2 billing problems

Hi Guys,

I’m from Eastern Europe with a country that’s not under the xbox one regions dropdownlist, i always used and US account and console region to buy stuff, all went fine until Horizon 2, i got billed but the game wold not start download and neither confirm the purchase.
Spoke with Microsoft support and they were kind enough to give me a refund and explained that there is now a new policy which now is checking the physical location of the console. mine didn’t match hence the error; but they could not estimate an date in which i could download a digital copy (i repeat there is no microsoft store here, so i could never be able do download a digital copy and that sucks because the game won’t be in stores for at least for 1 more month)
What i’m asking now: did anybody from Europe with no home country market manage to purchase the game? Which market did you use?

Thank you in advamce!