Horizon storyline thats like a championship

Imagine having a horizon storyline that was like a f1 championship. There would be actual characters with cut scenes. Each character has different skill levels so you would have one that would be your rival. Maybe you don’t win the championship the first time, so you play it again without the cut scenes, like a new season. That way it have some play-ability afterwards. Also there would different championships for Rally, road, cross country, or maybe a drifting competition. I think this would be more engaging that what we have now.

In the current state of the game, I don’t think this will happen, cuz it will not fit the “everyone is a champ at horizon”. Horizon got very uncompetitive, and I think that it will hurt the franchise sooner or later


I’m no so fussed about lots of cutscenes (though wouldn’t object to a few), however I’d love linked events as per the Seasonal Champs, but on a much grander scale: Road, Dirt, and Cross Country Festival Championships.

These ‘Festival Championships’ could be started from the main site via a number of pre-defined, appropriately named selections (each of which could be fully customised, saved and shared); and could work in a similar way as the Seasonals do ATM (ie, when arriving at the event you can choose to start/continue the Championship or race the event as a one off/standard).