Horizon Stories Still Seem Lazily Developed

Based on what has been seen in the latest stream, all of the missions in Horizon Stories just look like Point A to Point B missions, even the street racing missions since the checkpoints are apparently non-functional. And while I do like that each mission is no longer going to start from the same point, the fact that you now need to drive to each mission seems pointlessly un-streamlined. I mean, I’m no programmer, but is it seriously so hard to include checkpoints in these missions, or have all of the missions be accessed from one single spot, but still begin in a entirely different one?


They did also demo a story for which the player has to stay on the road with counter triggering each time the player leaves the track. Nothing new there, this gameplay was introduced in FH4.

It is just a copy/paste of FH4 here with same issues like point to point, impossibility to follow scenario’s proposed track and get the 3 stars and impossibility to skip the dialogs. All these things to be improved were already identified in FH4 and you watch the latest stream and see guys themselves bothered having to wait for the end of dialogs.

Long story of ‘ignore players feedback and develop new things instead’.


So we still can’t skip the dialogues? They just don’t learn do they! Or does the fact we want to skip their ‘hard work’ make them mad perhaps? Because they can’t not know it is annoying.

Forza games are like 10/10 graphically and technically but the actual single player campaign gameplay is bolted on as an afterthought, and is lower quality than the worst shovelware indie game.


Super 7 added a dialogue skip, so we might get a dialogue skip.

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I didn’t quite follow the alternative option in the street scene race. You could “help” your opponent by letting him win but the 3 star limit still seemed to based on how quick you did the run. Will be interesting to see if there is anything more to that aspect of the story when we get to try it.

I think the fact that it’s basically just a bucket list replacement is what makes Horizon Story a bit of a disappointing content.
For example, in the case of “Stuntman” Horizon Story, they were able to learn from Atari’s Stuntmen series.
The goal is the same: follow the route and finish within the specified time.
But let’s add a requirement that the route include multiple PR stunts such as drift zones, speed traps, danger signs, etc., where the player must achieve a certain score.
This way, the player will be more immersed in the role-play of a stuntman, driving according to the director’s requests.
It would also be interesting to condition the achievement of certain skills during these multiple challenges.
The director wants thrilling scenes of the player’s car slipping through traffic.
By the next checkpoint, the player needs to achieve a certain number of near miss skills.
And when the player achieves that goal, the director will be pleased and will give instructions for the next stunt.

This is close to the existing game system and is not a completely new experience.
However, with a few tweaks and changes based on the setting of each of these stories, Horizon Story could be transformed into something more unique than just a bucket list.