Horizon Road Racing Club [HRRC} Is looking for members!

Howdy-do folks, Phatwodius here, but yalls can call me Phats.

I’ve recently created this club (as named in the title), that’s planned to have a focus on road racing across a wide plethora of performance classes. There will be no restrictions on tuning set-ups or vehicles used.

Ideally, should this club grow to large enough members, down the line I would like to organize inter-club tournaments (or seasons) for the members that will include standings and rewards for the top finishers.

Currently the club is occupied only by yours truly, so if being a part of building a possibly fun and rewarding club experience, get in on the ground level now and lets build something together!


I am personally on Steam. I know there’s crossplay, but I’m not sure if that affects joining clubs in anyway

Driving settings for the races will be standard

A (friendly) but competitive atmosphere is desired

Leave a comment or send me a message if interested!