Horizon race tire compound

i cant seem to find any info regarding the differance between race tires and horizon race tires. can someone please share any info on them please?

Unless some users report a difference in the way they feel, there’s no grip difference, just the white lettering on the tire wall.

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There’s no performance difference, just a visual difference. It’s good to always use the Horizon version so you can tell if a car in your garage has race tyres or another type of tyre, though there are some exceptions that spoil that. It would be nice if other types of tyre could be easily visually differentiated.

Yeah, with a note on the car preview like the winter :snowflake: one.

I have met with some cars that give different pi with horizon race tyres. Cannot remember which that was unfortunately.

Most of the time they are same but there are some exceptions to this. Cars like;

Mclaren F1 Gt
Mercedes Benz Clk Gtr
Nissan R390 Gt1
Porsche 911 Gt1 straßenversion
Ford Transit Supervan 3
Lotus Elise Gt1

have different grip on race tyre compound and horizon tyre compound.

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