Horizon Race-Off (Series 32) info | update released 26 March

I first thought it was going to be a Drag update. But now it seems like a mix between road and rally in the same race? So both road and rally cars (perhaps 1 v 1) start and one takes a road route and the other a dirt route?? That would be very interesting if so!

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I don’t think so unfortunately…

And one other thing: there’s a car at the middle of the outpost in the photo (seems a buggy offroad car), it’s orange but i can’t tell what car is this…



And it’s already in the game since launch.

yeah :smiling_face_with_tear:

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But do you know what i want? Bugatti bolide! :smiling_face_with_tear:


me too bro :face_holding_back_tears:

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Hmm. No idea how they might implement such a feature but I suddenly got the idea of having a side by side race where road cars drive one route and dirt cars drive another, technically side by side but each going a different direction until the end. Two races in one.


Since the picture appears to be split into Road Racing and Offroad ; I wonder if for this season whether the 4 exclusive cars we normally get will be split as 2 road cars and 2 Offroad cars.

(hopefully we even get 4)

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I feel like 4 cars aren’t enough IMO. I might be assuming:

6 cars - 3 Off-road, 3 Asphalt
8 cars - 4 Off-road, 4 Asphalt

i also think so…for asphalt maybe senna gtr n mcmurtry spierling at 20pts each n p1 gtr n id.r at 40pts each…donno about offroad cars though…maybe sterrato…god knows…it’s the best not to expect anything great from these devs…

i wont be suprized if they give another bmw,audi or a golf!!

Team Dirt EASY

It is possible that they will make some changes to the Eliminator.

There were leaked sound files and a level system for some kind of co-op Eliminator update a year ago or so.
Pursuing Eliminator as a more central game mode was certainly on the table at one point but I assume it has been scrapped.
Maybe it was one of Mike Brown’s ambitions and the new lead just dismissed it.

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Tune in now!

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I definitely want the Ford F 150 2023 Raptor they are talking about. I also think it’s awesome they cut back on the event labs and gave us 4 seasonal championships for Summer. Loving this playlist so far!!


that Audi ain’t it.


I see some wonderful new cars on the Playlist (with exception of the recycled Audi)… but I’m not sure I can endure so many races with that poor AI. Unless AI will be improved with the update? Naaah, I don’t think so :wink:

Yeah the recycled Macan either. Just why?