Horizon - It’s try love! (Could be)

To begin with, I was very upset when I saw my favorite car (BMW M3 Competition 2021) (G80) with a bunch of flaws and bugs, it was tinting, flashlights, a bug with discs… But when I started receiving fitbacks, to see how the developers fix these bugs - they opened up to me as people who really listen to their audience, for how much time I am among the people who were lucky enough to have this unique game, I was never disappointed and did not look for a replacement for this game, it just has no competitors, and thanks to developers like PGG, I will be a fan - forever. Thank you for listening to your audience. I’m really looking forward to the new update to see this fix as soon as possible!


From all I know that bug with the taillight still isn’t fixed.

I’m honestly glad you feel they listened to you. I’m also pleased that over the last few months there does seem to have been an increase in the level of interest PGT10 show in what customers have to say.

That stated, there are many bugs that simply should not be there and/or go back many years. Regular mentions and complaints about more fundamental issues than whether a car looks right. Yet there is no comment about these things anywhere and, of course, no action. No actual two-way discussion.

Of course, they’re probably far more likely to fix a problem wtih a light on a car than issues with how the game works, because they signed an agreement with another company. Sure, there is - technically - an agreement they have with a customer but they ignore that unless it has a real potential to damage income.

The result is we still have consumable perks that for the most part don’t work. That’s not game-breaking but it should just not be that way. The forced wheelspins in some modes are annoying and stupid and easily sorted out. I could go on.

The communication issues are kind-of summed-up by the missing 3000 Explorer Influence in Horizon 4. It’s obviously wrong and has been like that since way before the game was end-of life. So where is this influence? The bigger question for me is why there is no communication from PGT10 about this, none whatsoever in 5+ years. That tells me everything I need to know about their desire to communicate with customers.

That and marking tickets as “solved” before putting the issue on the “known” list and doing nothing about it or maybe moving it to “won’t fix”.

I like the game, I really do, but continue to be utterly mystified by the attitudes of game developers in not bothering to make a game “great” when it could be.


It was fixed on October 10, we just have to wait for the update (November 7).

I understand your indignation, since last year I’ve been trying to ask the developers to fix the bug with the light, I have a post about it, so far I have not received the proper answer, but I have not tried hard, as with the flashlight of this BMW. I think, friend, we need to try harder, and everything will work out

According to statistics, more than 33 million players have already played forza. So I think there are a lot of applications coming in, and it’s very hard to fix…

Keep in mind, those statistics primarily account for Gamepass tryouts, people playing the game for half an hour and moving onto the next. There are definitely nowhere near 33 million regular, active players. My guess would be closer to a few million.

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why does this look so real ???

What is “a proper answer” for you?

“Thanks Kuk3ika, you’re awesome, thanks for reporting this bug we’ve certainly never ever seen before and then coming to the forums (the wrong forum, no less) to make a post about it even though we tell you pretty clearly that this isn’t the way to do any of that, we’ve moved this right to the top of the priority list to fix immediately. And will hot fix it as soon as it’s done.”

I mean, really this is what I think most of you expect when you come here and make these statements.


Look, last time it was indicated that the tinting and the lantern were fixed, but only the tinting was fixed, and the flashlight fix was indicated by a possibly error. Now it’s a different correction date and I hope it’s not a mistake anymore. I’ll be waiting for the update, because it’s my favorite car.
(You see the BMW M4 fix is specified and this means a list of fixes, not a list of errors).

You are reading this list incorrectly.

This is the list of Current Bugs in the game, not “Fixed” bugs, that is a different list. That date you are citing is basically the date recorded when the issue is entered to the backlog and or updated in the back log.
The “Updated” date is not a date indicating that this thing was “fixed” but that the ticket for it was updated with new information and or they have made some progress. It is not the scheduled date of release for that fix.

Make sense now why you don’t see it in game?

So is right, this is basically a list that says “Yes, we are aware of this bug and probably working on it. Here is when we found it”

Not a fixed list.


But there is such a correction as tinting on M3 and correction of the driver’s position on M4, this is exactly what was added🥱

It’s okay, the record has already collected 20 votes, they have to fix it

They fixed the tinting with 12 votes, they won’t spit on 20 votes

again, good if something happens, I suppose, but there is - in my view - a category of bugs that simply do not need votes, they should just be fixed

I am not remotely concerned about the brightness of a light (only one working might bother me I suppose) but am aware that others might be, it doesn’t really change a fundamental game mechanic and is irrelevant if the car is not used

one of my favourite issues is one about how the game is supposed to work on a basic level - the consumable perks are for the most part broken, they simply do not work the way they are supposed to, this affects all cars with consumable perks and prevents the player getting the benefit of something they are supposed to receive

that does not need votes, it’s a problem that should simply not be there; as much as anything it’s embarrassing for the developers because it’s been there years and, even if small, shows a lack of attention to detail about fundamental game mechanics

far more is involved in car cosmetics, meaning the effort required to fix such things is per-car, rather than one mechanic that is game-wide and is more or less a flag setting (or collection of flag settings)

and there are others

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Here are the Fixed Issues:

This is from the KNOWN ISSUES LIST:

Do you notice how the blinker issue is still listed in the Known issues list, and not in the Fixed issues list?


Now: Just because they fix one thing doesn’t mean they fixed everything that was listed and it’s not some mistake and they don’t owe you an answer for a question based on your misunderstanding of how things work.

So again, you’re in the wrong forum, you don’t understand what you’re looking at, or reading or how any of this works, and we’re trying to show you how to interpret the listings so you know in the future…


Where do you watch the fixes of this Mavrodi office??

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