Horizon Finale Part 3?

Is this a game glitch? I was able to compete and win the Horizon finale after 15 championships and then the Horizon finale part 2 after 30 champions. Ben just keeps saying in the game that he is getting together another championship and keep winning if you want a spot in the finale, etc but I have won 50 championships and no word on another finale.

I just started part 2 but maybe look for a road trip love gt by the way

Well there are 168 or something Championship events to there better be more than 2 Finales? hehe

yeah, after I won the second finale the game credits came up. Why does Ben keep talking about another finale if there are only two?


Maybe after championship 168 there is an finale as well. Either that or generic programming wasn’t changed to save time and money.

Can anyone post their in-game stats for

  • number of championships completed
  • percentage of championships completed

I am currently at 28% and 53 Championships. With a possible 168, this doesn’t add up because 100% would make it around 195 Championships. And yes, I am looking at my Championship-completion; my total game is over 40% completed.

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I have the same problem. im level 170 something with 53 championships won and an over all 42% completion and Ben keeps talking about another finale. maybe its a dlc or u have an option to do another but that wouldn’t make sense.

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Hey guys, Iam from germany so and Iam sorry for my bad english.
Im Level 269 completed all the 168 championships. On all tours I was on the first place but I get not the archivment 98,7% completion there is no championship to drive can anyone please help me?

Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe a finale related to an expansion you don’t own? Like storm island. That’s said I’m a noob at forza horizon so… :wink:

There are only 2 finales on the mainland. The Storm Island DLC has 1 additional finale. Don’t listen to Ben