Horizon Arcade (Air) - Bullseye

It happens almost everytime when you need to hit a bullseye sign.
You drive up to the location and there aren’t any to smash.

Please fix it.


Had the same experience the last time I did an Air arcade, drove to the ‘destination’ but there was nothing there, then we lost.

There is only one bullseye at a time. You have to hit the first one and then you get the next. It’s not a glitch and it’s good the way they have it set up.

There is a glitch however, I knocked one of the targets down and it didn’t count so I had to go back and jump again even though it was gone lol.

But no, unless your teammate did the same thing as me, the game is working properly, 1 target then you get the next. They’re all on a route though so they’re easy to get

I got the Bullseye challenge last weekend and, after completing the first Bullseye, there was nothing at the next location…which was marked with a destination pointer…no ramp, no target, nothing. Haven’t encountered one since

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I got the Bullseye challenge a few days ago just like you, but there was never any first target, ramp etc. Nothing.


I did the Bullseye Challenge again yesterday: First Bullseye was there, as was the second and third. 4th Bullseye was missing, no ramp, bullseye or anything