Horizon 4 drift adventure needs fixing ASAP not worrying about popularity

Playground games fix this dam game it’s not hard for you’s to just listen to the community of drift adventure we want fixes for this drive back or terrifying section crap and option to search for what we build in unranked as searching is ludicrous I have spent 1226 hours and nothing has changed in drift adventure due to popularity we didn’t ask for some crap that’s a car knock off of fortnite it’s completely taking the aspect of forza out the window. give it instant invalid lap upon reversing in any manner as it’s cheating you should not be able to gain any points in reversing of drifting around a check point at a section of the track. Give us the option to search for the class we want to drift we spend literally hours in your game to not drive what we build and put effort in to mastering that’s just bull playground come on stop worrying about cars that don’t even have a good engine swap or variety of options for us to build anything decent out of them look at the 2jet vehicle no drift springs but everything else you will put on it ok total sense right there. Continue to just let us down we may be a small community but we deserve just as much as other players that are non drifters that play forza I’m fed up for one as the hours I put in I can’t even get S2 AWD lobby if I do it’s half finish or completely finished literal joke I have made over 100 cars for S2 specifically but never get a chance to drift in the events as I can’t search for that category to tune them or even just drift them serious joke playground serious joke !!!

I agree. They need to fix the loading screen problem. I have spent 45 minutes in a loading screen saying "Fast traveling Other players’’ it is so frusturating and needs fixing ASAP. Its not like its just me. Its the whole community who is suffering and all i want to do is some DA. Its not like its to much to ask.