Horizon 3 Online Adventure

First off I do know that this is an arcade type game. I do know that the other Horizon editions showcase stadium racing type action. Preface this also by saying I enjoy the Horizon 3 tracks, with stadium tracks that gets boring to me. I belong to a small club that our main purpose is fast, clean racing along the entire map of Horizon 3. I prefer to race with my brothers in the club because I know what I am going to get. My big $1000000 question- where did the racers go? I just went through 6 online adventures and each one was composed of wreckers who don’t even brake. I was destroyed even though I usually had the fastest car, I would brake for a corner and Mister 1500 HP handling of 3.2 would destroy me from the rear. The worst part of it all was these drivers were not noobs they were over 600, some even in the 800’s. I know Goliath and all that.

I speak to some of the new racers that just bought the game and try to explain how fun the game can be if you try to drive fast and clean. Placing emphasis on the setups over various road conditions. Some are receptive to that idea but most don’t give care. There is no fix for what happens, I am not that naive. I just came on here to vent a bit.

I just hope as a community we could all maybe try to reach out to the idiots who either can’t control their vehicles or don’t care and try to maybe change their thinking. This would make Forza Horizon 3 a much better game.

Yes I do know about collisions off but that does take some fun from the game for me. The only real way I know of getting rid of crashers and wall runners are to run cross country. They usually can’t do much damage there.


I have been frustrated as well. I understand that pushing the envelope will result in some bumping, contact and even an accidental wall pin now and then on a tight turn. What I can’t stand is getting wrecked off the road on purpose when I am trying to pass someone on a straightaway. It’s absolutely infuriating. That’s not racing.

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Racing Etiquette in this game is about as Popular as putting a Chevy C-10 in the game…


I feel your pain. While I won’t ever initiated contact intentionally, if someone wants to be a jerk, I will be king jerk until they quit. Like you, I prefer clean and fast.

So does my club. If you see us on, holla.

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Wreckers have been a huge problem over the last few Forza titles unfortunately and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. There is such a diverse playing group in terms of age for this game that it will be difficult to ever get multiplayer fully ‘clean’ as it were. For the most part Forza, and in particular horizon, is played by a larger % of gamers who just like to jump on and go as fast as possible without the necessity for the racing etiquette in between. This obviously leads to your wreckers and wall riders.

I’ve found I haven’t had as much of a problem with wreckers recently as I can tend to get away from them fairly quickly. I think it’s the intentional wall riders that tend to get under my skin more. I’ll always refuse to do it and if I hit a wall it’s due to my error rather than purposely trying to gain an advantage.

I think this is certainly one area where the developers perhaps missed a trick. I’m constantly seeing people moaning in the forums about things I feel are very minute things and sometimes appear as people just needing something to moan about. But I feel the OP has a very valid argument. In terms of the wallriding it would have been good to see a little more punishment for those who are allergic to the left trigger. Perhaps getting more bogged down when striking a barrier or even removing many of the barriers that are in some of the races (needlessly there is some cases). I remember the old NFS games and how easy it was to beat the game without even needing the use of brakes, purely by wallriding lol. It’s a shame that over 10 years on, it’s still a valid tactic for some people to use in these racing games.

Keep up the clean racing anyway bud, it will always be appreciated by the other true racers on this game.

The wall ride thing could be stopped by Tiny post at the end that bring cargo stop like a number of walls in surfers paradise.

It would be nice to see T10/PG give a little bit more attention to the online aspects of the game.

I just block intentional wreckers (ones that do it on straight or Tbone others at hard turns )