horizon 2 xbox360

Why do’s my 360 keep crashing when i try and change my car on free roam ? im fedup restarting my xbox i mite as well just play gta 5!!!

Gta v is the best solution! Have you wondered how Gta v on our old console can do all the things that they claim FH2 can’t on 360 only on the one… whatever GTA v proves what 360 is capable of! Im heading back to gta and where it rains and the trees move and cars can drive through and over things, while shooting and listening to 10 plus radio stations while in a heavy rain storm!!

GTA V Can do all of the things they claim?!?!?!?!?! GTA V was 100% worse than forza horizon 360 in broken promises. I have only seen 2 or 3 broken promises for FH2 360. Meanwhile GTA V How was the online release? Oh right i forgot it didn’t work for a week. How about heists? They are fun aren’t they? Oh wait they aren’t released yet? but they said spring 2014. Hmm I guess heists are a myth. How about the enterable strip malls, drivable trains how about the promise of pedestrians having routines in stead of just walking to the end of the block and turning around and walking back? I guess those actually happen? What about the fact that the game barley worked? How about you look at GTA V’s broken promises before saying there were less than FH2