Horizon 2 Servers down?

I’m trying to play on-line but I keep getting a message saying the Horizon 2 servers are not available. Anyone else having this problem or just me?

I’m able to get toXBOX live, Forza Hub (although it’s not updating) and my XBOX one is saying it can connect to the network fine.


Horizon 2 on Xbox One is alive and well here.

OK. Thanks.

I just recently got a text from MS saying XBL Core Services were up and running again.

It was hacked , a friend just told me today .

The problem is distributed denial-of-service attacks. DDoS attacks are not hacks. This pervasive misinformation is spread even by the media. DDoS swamps the network with bogus traffic, and makes it difficult or impossible for legitimate users to log on. Hacking involves penetrating the network security, and is a completely different animal. I could not log into XBL with my profile for around 12 hours Christmas day. It was OK yesterday all day. I have not tried it yet today.

But why can’t I change my leaderboard filter back to global persistently? I keep seeing that I’m at the top 1% of every leaderboard at every speed trap. While that’s flattering, I’d rather see reality. :slight_smile: I can press the button to see the leaderboards and change the filter, but next time, it’s back to “Friends”. I think this started when I played FH2 offline during the XBL outage.

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Does this have any impact on stuff not working like Storm Island being downloaded but not working?