Horizon 2, Day One Car Pack and Bonus Pack Issue... & Top Menu Tabs locked

Hello Everyone I am having a problem. I purchased a new copy of Horizon 2 for Xbox One and downloaded the Day One Car Pack that came with the game, and also the free Launch Bonus Car Pack, however, the cars included in these packs I cannot find. In the in game marketplace it does say “Purchased” for both car packs (as well as all the cars in them), but nowhere in the game can the cars be found. Where are the cars? Also involved with these car packs in the in store marketplace it says purchased, but each car included has a 0 CR to purchase. Why are the cars missing from my game? Can anyone help me?

I also noticed that my In game menu the Top Menu Tabs "SOCIAL, CLUBS & RIVALS are locked. Please help!!! Microsoft told me to contact Turn10

Sorry I can’t provide an answer for you, believe me I feel your frustration as Im having the exact same issue right now. I just want my and I don’t know how to access them.

I’ll be looking hoping someone helps you out with an answer. Cheers

So what I’m getting from this is that you have the option the buy them for 0cr, but they’re not already in your garage? That’s how DLC on Forza works, you still have to get them from the Autoshow, you just won’t be charged any credits the first time around. Apologies if that wasn’t what you meant.

Oh, and the other tabs will unlock when you progress a little further into the game.

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you need to progress further into the game for these to be unlocked…i had the same issue until i played it further…clubs become unlocked after you race the train , the rest a bit earlier

the car isssue has already been explained by Zedzillaa…they arent immediately available to buy also…but DLC cars are 0 credits if you’ve bought the DLC ,stil have to purchase them though