Horizon 2 360 Road Glitches??

I think you’re the only one. I always stop when I see an invisible barrier in front of me.

I go round them lol. My issue is the fences that dont break and the A.I cars mainly jeep and raptor that randomly fallover

How do you go around an invisible object in the middle of the race that you dont see?

On the race “oriente trail” i went half a meter outside the road and an invisible wall sent my car off the track behind barriers…

I had these Invisible object on the race track too … in free mode i normally don’t have any of them (there i drive the veneno) also I have the problem that the Lamborghini Diablo (fully upgraded) bounced like a ball uncontrollable 2 of the 4 races before the final … too the car is very slippery an uncontrollable too in some corners the circuit just before the finish line and the long (first part straight) route (both before the event the races)… hope you can fix them (on the srtaight route is an invisible object too in a corner

I’m running into what seems like a brick wall on the freeway on this spot going the other direction that the arrow is pointing.

Road glitch.