Hoppers, really?

Okay, can we please stop talking about REALISM? PLEASE, PLEASE?

You wanna’ talk about this being a massive improvement ‘becuz realizum?’ if you think Forza is so realistic… Go out in your car and take a fairly sharp corner at 70mph without using any throttle and see what happens. It sure as hell won’t go around the corner and stick like it does in Forza, your rear axle will try and rotate about the front and you’ll end up in a wall / hedge / tree / field.

Well this depends on how sharp of a corner, what kind of car you have etc. So it is possible…just saying And this game is a simulator

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So I haven’t played a Forza game since like Forza 3-4 and then I stopped because I sold my Xbox and moved over to PC. I bought Forza 7 on PC because of the memories I had of racing online in the C class with cars I had modified from lower classes such as the Datsun 510 or even an old VW beetle or golf. I have the ultimate edition of the game and I was surprised to see that the hoppers are separating cars into like car divisions or car types with a class restriction on them with only 6 hoppers available. Does anyone know if they will open up hoppers for all the different car divisions / types?? Right now we can only race like 50-60 cars out of the 700 available which makes no sense… I am also assuming they have moved away from car class lobbies like in the old Forza games? This is unfortunate because like I said I like to take cars from any car type / division and put it into the class I modify it to be in

I would like the ABC’s and Cycled Production to return. I am okay with Class Lobbies too. And why can’t they just put limits on the classes too?

Okay, I guess neither of you drive… This behaviour would happen in any real-world car that isn’t something special (and I mean really special)… Whilst driving in a straight line you can full lock nearly any car on Forza with NO throttle at any speed and the car will not spin out, this is NOT realistic for 99.9% of cars

I really couldn’t care less that you’re going to say you both drive a Ferrari FXX and a Lamborghini Aventador, of course you do(!) and my name is William Gates. I highly doubt you even drive by conflicting the above information, you just assume that these cars don’t do what I’ve said because they’re high-spec cars. Doesn’t matter how high spec the car is, find me a competitive driver on a track that goes around a sharp corner fast with no trailing throttle, you won’t.

Forza doesn’t particularly reward trailing on/off brake and throttle either which is another essential caveat for the best drivers in the real world.

I highly doubt either of you drive in real life ‘racing since 2017’ you barely have your virtual racing license.