Hoppers, really?

What happened to the classical hoppers, I want to tune and race my built A class cars against others online? Please do not tell me its going to be like this forever?


yes you’re leaderboard cars now have specs - welcome to racing.


This would be fine if the regular class based hoppers existed as well. Those who like to tune up cars and upgrade them could continue to do this, as per every previous Forza. Those who want to race in homologation hoppers that don’t have those types of cars in them could do so as well. SO, you could do whichever you prefer on any given day.

Forza 7 needs to have both.


Thats all good and well, except they removed class based rivals and lobbies which have been in since the beginning of Forza, it wasnt broken so there was no need to fix it…if they wanted to add new stuff in then great, but thats the problem with Turn 10, for them to include something new, the only way is to remove something else.

Welcome to racing doesnt apply to Forza, they are so far from that at the moment. Welcome to racing was the slogan to Forza 4.


RIP leaderboard cars. Welcome Division racing which is more like actual racing.



Exactly. There are many who disliked the class leaderboard lobbies. I’m sure there are many who will welcome proper division based racing.

You keep making statements like this, but it’s very nonsensical.

First off, virtually nothing about Forza is like real racing. Second, being able to tune and upgrade cars into different classes has been a thing in Forza since day 1. To remove it is to change the game completely.

Now, sure, having the homologation idea in the game, for those that want it, is great. Options are great. Removing features of the game - that literally define Forza as a game - is not good.


Except theres always gonna be a so called “leaderboard car”…now you just have more of them per division, you’re still gonna get 1 car thats faster than the others.

Plus every car can go on the leaderboard so every car is a leaderboard car…the “leaderboard car” argument is one of the most laughable things in Forza, its used as an excuse for slow people to make themselves feel better.

RIP (FM1-FM6) to class based rivals, lobbies and the freedom to build a car anyway you want and be able to race or see how far up the leaderboard you can get. Game now caters for the simple and lazy people. Turn 10 are now telling us what to drive and how to build it.

“Actual racing” in forza doesn’t really exist in Forza anymore, it used to back in Forza 4.


You have no idea. New homologation leaderboard cars are already being found.

The problem has not been fixed.


It will actually be worse now due to less choice. There will be one car at the top of the leaderboards instead of the two or three we used to see. No one will have an option to challenge that car with something different due to extremely limited choices.

Still, I like that homologation exists as a game feature, but so does the class system need to exist.


Yup. It would be the same as before where if you were a good driver, you can get away with lesser cars, but as soon as a good player brings out the top car, everyone is screwed.

Same as before but just diversified. Lol.

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I loved racing SUVs against sports cars and still being competetitive, even if I only came in top 5 and not 1st. It was very fun, and I’m extremely disappointed that the class/alphabet system has been completely scrapped for homologation. This makes it so that I cannot build my dream car to whatever specification I’d like, tune it, then go racing. I am now VERY restricted to what I can do in the game. With some cars in the homologation system, I can’t even upgrade to have race springs so that I can tune the car and give it better handling due to the division the car is supposed to race in being set so low. Hell, I’ve found many cars that I can’t throw the race springs on even after trying to drop the PI with wings, heavy/large rims, restrictors, etc. Just as you said, nothing is diverse anymore and that ‘diversness’ is what I feel really made only multiplayer in then previous Forzas so unique. Let’s say a friend wants to race with me online. He/she wants to drive a GTR. I want to drive an M5. Guess what? We can’t if we want to be in a public lobby and that’s where a majority of many players fun came from. One of us is now required to make a compromise so that we can race together. The game has great graphics, sound, and overall ‘feels’ better when playing (minus the physic being a bit ‘dumbed down’, of course)…overall, the base game is very good. But the game is killed due to many other factor that are NOT related to graphics, sound, physics, or overall mechanics (VIP ‘scam’, Class system removed, smallest font being too little, no torque numbers show when upgrading, no pressing ‘Y’ to go to test drive, and many, MANY other things as well, both small and large). In conslusion, myself and many, many, many other players are VERY dissapointed with many of the decisions that have been made in the development of this game and I am absolutely saddened that my favorite game series has taken this route.

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You can race an evo online? Wish i could, private lobby option doesn’t work and the few lobbies that are there restrict the car choices to old muscle, hot hatches or track toys.


Thats the problem, I don’t want to race any of those cars, I want the race the BMW’s the skylines and practically everything else except for the options that in the hoppers, what a load of crap, they have completely destroyed this game for me.

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It’s sad that the class leaderboards are not there any more. Then again, you have to feel bad for the slow guys who couldn’t keep up and wanna complain about the lobby class. It’s so boring with the new leaderboards. The funny thing is, that people are still gonna use the faster cars in their division. What has change?!


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Would be brilliant… if they were on race tires to a spec… it would make for good racing

Would be nice to have an actual Race Series Hopper consisting of Touring Cars, GT3, LMP1, Vintage Racers, Trophy Trucks, etc.

Such a waste to not take advantage of ALL of these awesome Race cars / series variations in the game for some close fun spec series online races that are more than 2 laps…smh


They did this because they didnt want to change their screwed up pi system plain and simple. But those new outfits sure make up for it.