Hoppers need to be fixed

Once the championship is done, hopefully turn 10 will get around to fixing the issues in the hoppers, issues are…

  • Previous Race does not show results from the previous race in order anymore, instead they are scattered and is annoying to find the lap times of other players who finished close to you. This has been going on for a good while.

  • The tune by and livery by are left blank, this has already been brought up, but just incase turn 10 missed it.

  • Track rotation/track options, I left a lobby today because I wasn’t too keen on racing at Nurburgring at night, joined another lobby where both track voting options were Yas Marina (full) with one night and one day, one of these was voted in so I left that lobby, joined another that had just ended and what turns up…the exact same Nurburgring track, so I sucked it up and raced, afterwards the voting started up again…with both tracks being Yas Marina (full) again. I’m tired of seeing double and repeat tracks.


Well now that’s some crazy stuff. I haven’t been in lobbies in weeks but that’s crazy things have gone haywire.

1st one is now in order of people that have been in the lobby the longest are at the top.

The 1st 2 are also for multiplayer.

Move the stupid quit message in hood view while you’re at it pls.