HoodFlaka's Drift Garage Now OPEN!

Hello everyone! Well the auction house is finally here, which means I can finally open my tuning shop! I’ve noticed a lot of posts asking for help with tuning lately, so I’m here to help!

I use real life methods and theory in my tuning and I have a firm understanding of suspension and overall vehicle setup. I have been on pit crews for pro-am drivers in real life, and have also built many drift cars, among my years of experience drifting on Forza Motorsports games throughout the years. I have competed in competitions in years past and plan on competing again in the near future so I hope to gain more knowledge both for myself and for others through this “garage” of mine. I am also the current crew chief of Team Flakagan.

So, all of that being said, if you have a car that’s been giving you trouble or you just have a car that you want to drift but can’t find a good tune for, drop it in a reply below and I’ll get to work on it. I can tune for points and tandem. I can also tune to ESDA specs if you would like. I can also tune to your specific needs based on your experience, from amateur to pro. Please be sure to list any specific parts you would like on the car. I.E. What power plant you want, what wheel options you would like, what purpose you want the tune to be for, any body kits you would prefer. I will sell unlocked tunes but they will cost significantly more than locked tunes. If you have any changes you would like me to make I have no problem making changes for no extra charge (within reason). Please provide me with as much information as you can ahead of time. I will be posting a couple of sample tunes on my storefront later today.

I will also be hosting “tuning seminars” where I will host a lobby and go over tuning basics with anyone who wants to learn more about setting up a car for drifting. I will post more info about these as I plan them. Check back here regularly or shoot me a message to reserve a spot! These seminars will be free and open to anyone who wants to learn.

Transactions will be done through the auction house only. Prices are as follow.
300k-1 Million for a locked tune. (prices vary depending on overall time invested in tune)
1-2 Million for unlocked tune. (prices vary depending on overall time invested in tune)

You have 72 hours to contact me with any changes you would like on your tune once you receive the first copy. At that time, I will have you send the car back to me for the adjustments to be made. I will NOT send you multiple copies of a car/tune. After 72 hours any changes will be subject to a fee of 50k per change made to the tune.

I have finally got around to posting up some sample tunes in my store front, head over there to download them and please reply to me with some feedback! I’ve been making some custom tunes for some of the Drift Spectrum members and im hoping to get some more feedback from you guys as well! The s13 coupe posted is a more “grassroots” style tune, the s13 hatch is a 600hp sr20 ESDA spec build that makes a great tandem car, and the last car is more of a points/fun tune on a 2015 Mustang GT. Again all this tunes are currently available in my storefront free of charge, I only ask for your feedback, and if you like the tune, to spread the word and consider purchasing a custom tune from me. Thanks for your support and looking forward to hearing from you guys!