Honest thoughts after playing for a while

Ok…I was obviously upset that custom adventure( choice of terrain and class) was missing. Still am and I think the choice is of absolute importance…but the game isn’t half bad. It’s not how I expected it to be either. BUT…The racing online on mixed terrain has become pretty fun. Albeit I have no choice…it has made me a better road racer. Which is what I enjoy. The fact that the game seems to revolve around off-road I still struggle with. If we can’t choose the terrain at least balance the lobbies with an equal amount of tarmac to dirt. And also include s2 more often. S2 class hardly ever comes up. It is always A class or B class…which is fun…but dumbs down the intensity in a way. Also…what’s up with the darkness in the majority of cross country
/mixed terrain races? I can hardly see! That being said…when s2 does come up…it’s primarily street racing which again is dark with no headlights. In regards to ramming, I’ve encountered more players adhering to clean racing but would still like to see a no contact choice as there is still the bad apple that likes to ram. Which does dampen the fun when you are racing with a group utilizing skill. If we can’t enjoy total choice, maybe input more of an online race balance…thank you.

aside from the novelty of having a new map, FH5 has NOTHING new, and because of all the faults and bugs and general apathy of pg games: FH4 is far superior game.

Sure, the game plays OK if you do not delve too deep into it, and if you choose to overlook all the stuttering/graphics shearing/pausing/freezing and general “driving” glitches".


Most comical bug since day one (still not fixed) is your wheels going into the ground and stopping your vehicle when landing large jumps on cross country races. Some vehicles are worse than others. Worst I’ve come across is the GMC Jimmy. Whether landing on dirt or asphalt, the GMC Jimmy’s tires go into the ground up to the truck’s frame, are stuck there for good, and I have to quit the race.

Agree. Driving itself is OK. Map is large and looks nice, but overall boring in Multiplayer / online gaming events (no freeroam races, eliminator is really boring, flat map in middle of map. Does not require you to think or even need a brain. Just drive straight towards your goal 100km over flat fields. (If you are lucky / unlucky, you can get excitement about a 2cm branch that will stop your lvl 6 (penhall cholla) car going uphill - a simple bug, that offers at least SOME challenge beating a lower lvl car.

I don’t like how the playlist seems to be the focus of the game. You know how when Horizon 4 was new it had no playlist? Just the old-school Forzathon, and early on, new content was delivered through the Forzathon shop. They had weekly championships, but the prize was credits or a wheelspin. It was a few months before they started locking content behind them. And by the time that happened, I’d gotten good enough that I could actually do them. And when they added the playlist, we all griped about it at first, but most of us can bang the whole thing out in an evening if we wanted to. And if we don’t want to, no big deal. We could focus on the new content, or exclusives we didn’t already have, and nuts to the rest.

I wish Horizon 5 was like that. No playlist. Maybe some weeklys, just to have some focus, but no must-win pressure. Not right away, anyway. Give us a few months to explore, have fun, learn the map, learn the courses, do some races on our own, figure out the new physics, and figure out the META to beating this new OP AI, before locking new content behind time-gated must-win events.

Now, the playlist is the game. Log in, see what needs to be done before the week is out. Go do that. Get absolutely frustrated trying to beat an AI that should be two notches below what I can beat easily in previous games. Have no time for anything else. And it doesn’t help that a few of them are bugged, so we have to waste time not unlocking them before we figure out that they’re bugged. Sure, we can skip some stuff if we want to, but there’s a lot of new exclusive content. The games new, so it’s all new. And even if it’s not exclusive, chances are it’s a car you don’t already have yet, and you can avoid spending credits on it if you can win it.


I couldn’t help but noticed you mentioned the ‘time-gated must-win’ events to unlock new content. I am going to have to disagree there as the game doesn’t require you to win anymore - unless this is some bug for just me but every playground games and trial event I’ve entered I’ve been gifted the points towards the series/season regardless of win or loss. I’m sorry but it’s ridiculous that horizon has stooped this low.

I completely understand that not everyone has the skill or luck to find a team to beat the unbeatable AI but I don’t like handouts like that.

I remember when the Apollo IE released in H4 and was locked behind a trial event me and my mate needed 3 attempts before we found a competent team that wouldn’t sit behind the AI and let them gain easy points. This took the better part of an hour and as much as I favour efficiency and hate to feel like I’m wasting time - the reward for our toil was awesome - receiving not only a meta car for S2 class which I mained for the rest of the game but a pretty car that I photographed for one of my favourite sets I’ve ever posted to my gallery.

That’s been the case for the games since pretty far back in fh4 because enough people whined about it but that’s not true of the Trial. You need to win.

Not from my experience - the first trial I ever did in Horizon 5 we lost the first race, won the second and then narrowly lost the last by a couple hundred points. I was obviously a bit annoyed because half the team drove well and the other half dawdled at the back not trying and that we lost because of them. just to find out that apparently we won the trial despite losing 2/3 races to the AI

Yeah, only the Playground Games event does that. The individual championships are must-win.

Because it was a team PvP, you were lucky if you got on a good team, or half your team didn’t quit when they were loosing. So they made it participation only.

On the face of it the map looks terrific and if you’re just cruising around then it is. However I’m finding the race courses pretty meh for a lot of them. I think the courses in Horizon 4 were better. Apart from the Volcano there’s not a lot of hills. The courses on Fortune Island were better than Horizon 5.

I’ve just finished doing the accolades for Rivals and I’m surprised how much asphalt road driving there is in the dirt events. For the Gauntlet I used a road car with road tuning because it has so much road driving. Almost no mud so no issues off road.

Yeah and some of the daily Forzathon challenges are just a grind to get through. Yesterday was drive a level 7 car in the Eliminator and today win a Horizon tour event. Both doable but a bit of work involved. In Horizon 4 I used to knock off the daily challenges in the morning before I went to work. I still can for many in Horizon 5 but yesterday and today are after work ones because of the time required.

Which is what they want. More engagement. There has to be a balance though. If someone only has an hour or less to play during the evening, do they really want to spend that time doing a daily worth a single point in the playlist vs getting through a level in another game?

I think ultimately, they’re going to lose players by taking up too much of their time.

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The Trial can be a bit weird sometimes. It will sometimes, but not always, give you a race, even if your team looses, and I’m not entirely sure why. It might be discounting points from the AI team for players who disconnect. So it looks like you’re about to loose, but then it takes those x hundred points away from the AI after the race or something, giving you a fighting chance in the other races. It’s not consistent enough to say it always happens, but yes, I’ve seen it too.

What I like now on the trial is doing only two races if you win the first ones. No need there for a third meeting with terrifying AI if you already won the championship. That was a bit weird in FH4…

I like FH4 more to be honest. I still like FH5 but my main gripe with it is with the AI. I could reliably beat the unbeatable AIs on FH4 after messing around with upgrades or tunes.

I still have to win a single race on unbeatable on FH5. Man, what is this AI? I started out on unbeatable, since that is what I play on FM7 and FH4. But the best I could do was a 3rd place, and other than that, I was lucky to even get 6th or 7th place. They literally fly past me. I tried over and over and over, but it was no use. Granted, my tunes probably were not the best, but come on now. I did not need the best tunes in FH4 in order to beat the AI, so what happened here?