Honda S660 2015-current

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A small Japanese “kei” car would be awesome to have, as there aren’t that many (or none) currently available in Forza Horizon 5! Lightweight, small and nimble, tons of aftermarket support, mid-engine, rear wheel drive, and praised by Keiichi Tsuchiya aka The Drift King, this thing will be a classic car one day!


We need most, if not all, of the modern Kei Cars


Honda S660

Honda S660 RA Mugen


Honda S660 Neo Classic

It’s actually an Official S660 bodykit based on a Concept Car Honda Showed at the 2016 Tokyo Motor Show.

At release the bodykit cost around $11,500 by itself while a standard S660 was only around $18,000.

The Official Honda Renders

An actual S660 with it on

Would be a nice Bodykit Conversion if the normal S660 ever gets added