Honda S2000 (AP1) 1999-2003

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Put the base S2000 back to MOTORSPORT. We only got the 2009 CR.

FH4 and FH5 already had it.


Late post, but Turn 10 let go of the 2003 S2000.

If you’re going to bring it back, please get a new model because the FH4 one is the same as the FM1 one except for the front bumper shape, and we don’t need FM1 models in this game.
S2000 comparison side


I bet they allegedly took the FM1 version of the S2000, since it was LHD. And the X360 titles have it as a RHD JDM version with the wipers in LHD positions. I also detect the missing “S2000” badges on the fenders beside the turn signal lights. Side mirrors still remain inaccurately small, while the real one is big.

This is exactly what happened, except the model was in fact modified quite significantly… but it doesn’t change much since it’s still painfully inaccurate and shares body modifications withe the FM1-FH1 model, just without the AP2 kit.

I bet the same thing goes to the 2000 Prelude Type SH, according to someone who replied to me saying that it is a mix of FM1 & FM4 Prelude models in the same inaccurate dimensions.

I can confirm all of this. The FM1 model was supposed to be the USDM Type SH, then for FM2 they changed the steering wheel placement and it stayed like that up to FM4, but when it returned to FM7 it was once again a USDM. They didn’t use the unmodified FM1 model or a fresh scan, but modified the FM4 appearance of this model to make it look kind of like the US model. I still say this model dates back to FM1 because the base body is still exactly as deformed as it was there, just that they updated it 5 times.