Honda Integra 2002-2006 (Acura RSX)

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Honda Integra (4th generation) & Acura RSX

This topic is for voting on variants other than the 2002 Acura RSX Type-S already in FH5. This model has also appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2002 Honda Integra Type-R (FH1 | FM1-FM4)

Honda Integra:

Honda Integra Type-R:

Acura RSX:

Acura RSX Type-S:

Acura RSX Touring Car:


2002 Honda Integra Type-R

Has improved performance over the existing 2002 Acura RSX Type-S already in the game.


Please add the Honda Integra Dc5 type R version JDM spec.


It’s very rare to see the Honda version, most of the time they feature the Acura RSX.

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Hi, to all the Honda fan bois, out there. Can the Honda Dc5 jdm version be added, please vote.


I really hope that the ommission of this car from Motorsport’s launch is caused by it getting a fresh 3D scan, because next to cars like the Civic EP3 or the CR-X SiR they’re all in a dire need of Fixed car models


Ok this kills me not to be in new game. The car has been there all along. Took away the Mugen jdm variety was bad but now no dc5! Please watch this YouTube video and put the car in the game. It proves it’s worth


Since fm1 I used this car. I eventually got the car in real life because of Forza! Literally bringing gamers to cars and car people to games and that was the tagline for years! I’m the target! I have a 3 screen fm4 setup! 3 Xbox one s , 2 series x! I’ve tuned my real car based of testing done in fm over the years. Fh5 is fun , but Motorsport is my love. The tire physics are amazing. Even if Acura is the problem with licensing, you go and fight harder to please bring my car back. I waited patiently for 7 years with fm7 and 2 years after series x release, saved the 2 final endurance races and the final Ferrari race to top off and celebrate the new, beating them about 2 months ago when I couldn’t take the hype wait anymore and knew it was time. The dc5 Acura RSX / Integra type R platform itself deserves to be in the game 02-04 AND the 05-06. Many tuners made versions of this car and many race cars were made from this platform! It’s a tuner car. The k20 engine is world renown. This choice is a must. Please!


Vote for it here → Honda Integra 2002-2006 (Acura RSX)

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