Honda Fit 2007-2014 (Gen2)

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Honda Fit 2007-2014 (2nd generation)

This model has been represented in the following main Forza games:

In game model: FH5 FH4 FM7 FH3 FM6 FH2 FM5 FH1 FM4 FM3 FM2 FM1
2012 Honda HPD Fit FH1
2009 Honda Fit Sport FM4 FM3


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I wish there were more economy cars such as this, which more people could relate to. There is a decently sized community of people who modify and race Honda Fits in the real world, myself included, who might appreciate being able to tinker with and drive it in Forza Horizon 5! It’s also enjoyable to make slower cars faster in Forza 5.


I do agree with it you
not just there is FIT car tunning but people use FITs to race, even on Japan have a Honda Fit championship called FIT 1.5 Challenge Cup


2009 Honda Fit Sport should return to new Forza titles, as well as the 2012 HPD rally variant in new Horizon titles.



2012 HPD Fit B-Spec Rally


FM4 really did have it all, didn’t it?

Or the Rally version from Horizon 1. Either one be nice to see return.


Both cars should return, obviously.

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