Honda CR-Z 2011-2016

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Honda CR-Z 2011-2016

I think adding the facelift bumpers and adding the facelift wheels as well - as well as the Mugen bits and the supercharger kit.

They’ll probably be EX-L Nav. or EX Nav trim levels.


would love to see the 2016 CR-Z body kit available (as it is actually possible to install them on any other year model) as well as all the mugen kits over the years


Well, the EX-Version is… okay. But what if there is something like this:

CR-Z Mugen:


CR-Z is still used on many racing series around Asia and North America


More Photos of Racing tuning CR-Z

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SO much yes, I even offer PLAYGROUND GAMES my own Honda CRZ for scanning. Although with Civic EP3 type R wheels.

The vote is also for Turn 10 and Motorsport
Also they had scaned for FM4, but a rescan would be great as well

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this is a Phase 1 car, i’d love it if they added the Phase 2 and 3 also.

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It’s a cute sports car

A base model with the ability to add the parts listed above by everyone


I also agree that it should be the base model with body options. I’d love to recreate my 2015, and while I do enjoy the CR-X I’ve been using in it’s place, it would be fantastic to have the real thing

Plus lets be honest, anyone whos driven a CR-Z irl knows its more of a for-fun vehicle than it is a race car. They corner very nicely, but straight line performance is lacking, and thats ok! So putting a race model in would feel just a bit disingenuous. Course I wouldn’t be mad if both got added too!

Thats the beauty of Forza. You can take cars that arent exactly race cars and turn them into them! And I think the CR-Z would be a fantastic candidate for both silly and serious builds

(Plus im curious what PI my car has lmao)