Honda Civic 2001-2005 (Gen7: EM/EP/ES/EU)

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Honda Civic (7th generation) EM/EP/ES/EU

This topic includes all production model body types and performance trims such as the Type R.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the
2004 Honda Civic Type-R (FM1 through FH5)

'01-05 Civic 5-door Hatchback:

'01-'05 Civic SI 3-door Hatchback:

'01-'05 Civic Sedan:

'01-'05 Civic Coupe:

'01-'05 Civic Type-R Hatchback:

it would be awsome if this honda civic type r 2007 sedan was in this


The Civic Type R EP in Forza, is the 2003 year model. I have discovered what’s wrong with it…

The wheels weren’t aligned properly, and the rear Honda badge isn’t red.

Here is the actual 2004 Civic. It has a different set of Front bumper and Lights due to it being a minor facelift.

I recommend that it REALLY NEEDS A MAJOR REWORK FROM THE GROUND UP in order to appear in the next-gen Forza titles. I can’t drive it too often currently, not until it finally gets remodeled.


Yes but if we’re going on either coupes or sedans for the 7th gen if they were implemented like the ep3 I really think sedan suits the 01-03 face and rear and the coupe with the 04-05 facelift

They can do a 2001 sedan already have the 2003 type r hatch and we could do 2005 coupe with the oem hfp kit and interior upgrades or the special edition w the rims ect and badging and the se’ radio as small touches