Holiday is over? bug or feature?

well, since thursday I did this:

yesterday I did a nice Ice-Drift Tune for that mazda with that insane bodykit

today I thought lets do another ice-drift tune and I found this:

and even the wonderland is gone

bug or feature?

I found a simple solution.
For whatever reason its gone but after restarting the game the holidaytheme should be back…

Mine is still here:

seems I haven’t triggered something lol

Missed a gift, thank you secret Santa

I’ve had the same issue twice, but a reboot seems to rectify it.

The missus suggested it was gone due to global warming - bless her. :rolls eyes:


Does anybody really get gifts? I saw few messages but no car.

Every day I get a message that I’ve received a gift but I have no idea what the gift is or why I received it.

I spoke too soon, did a drift arcade and mine is also gone now:

Don’t usually respond to blocked trolls, but its festive time, so here is the gift car from previous post:

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I’ve had one gift and I didn’t get that either, so it’s clearly at best temperamental Turtle. Good to see some people are getting them.

No, nothing yet.

I can’t even enter Mulege festival forzathon shop to gift someone. When I try to fast travel to that icon on map, it teleports me to dirt roads on outskirts of the town. I can only gift others via Forzathon shop from Festival Playlist menu. I haven’t received a car yet.


I got some cars but only at the normal way through barnfind areas. Think that message maybe appear if you get a gifted car from a friend or something like that? If you get this message only for cars that give credits to the secret santa thingy almost 30 of my last gifts where completly meaningless.

Even if only the thought is what counts…

Yeah I had the message about adding the car from secret santa but it wasn’t in my garage. I already owned the car and just it was in my garage.

Most likely the game lost the link to the server and just swapped to the default backup season (the Festival Playlist changes too)

Mine only just changed to Christmas today.

There is an oversight in programming, whenever a Horizon Arcade is active in the area, the holidays stuff disappears and revert to normal for the arcade. There are both Horizon Arcade programmed over the stadium and Mulege which they didn’t turn off.

I don’t know how it really works with the gifts.

Sometimes I get a message directly after leaving the player’s house and by pressing enter the barn location is showed on the map - all in the map half near to that player house.

Sometimes I get a message in free roam when I come near a former barnfind location that a gift is waiting for me there.

Sometimes I get a message, it shows me the location, but when I fast travel there, the barn is empty.

Sometimes I get a gift for new players (you can see it at the message of the gifter) even though I play since 4th November and being prestige level 4.

Sometimes I get a gift for being a new horizon superstar - oh yeah, been that since about more than a month now.

And sometimes I even get a gift because of being a precious member of the community - don’t know how I qualified for that. Don’t have any downloaded tunes or liveries yet. Maybe because of the amount of cars I gifted to others?

As almost any option has its unique messages it is easy to identify the purpose of gifting.