Clearly. Appeasing the userbase isn’t exactly a priority for T10.


I’m not going to sidetrack the thread with a discussion on what is or isn’t a motorsport. If you want to start a new topic I might jump in.
Or not.

So what is the actual release day/time?

“This week”

So, soon.

It’s been cancelled as it keeps crashing so they’ve got to build it from the ground up again😂


Very weak attempt at humor.But yeah,it is supposed to be released tomorrow I found out.At this point I’m happy to get any new track from these cheapskates.

Sorry my apologies but I couldn’t resist

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Had a few races on the layouts in free play, fun track.

Had a 10 lap race,it is a faithful reproduction and I didn’t notice any glaring issues,too bad it’s another month for the next drip to come out of the tap.I’m comparing it with the AMS2 version and it holds up…both versions are top notch.

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Please give us the historic layout.


Track looks and feels fine, always liked racing here in FM, nothing different now that I can see or feel, except for sound. I guess because some track walls are far away the reverb of our cars is super extended and seems like a bad echo in any part with barriers. Maybe realistic, but seems a bit over the top.

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