I am very satisfied to hear Hockenheim comes back this month. Love it.


“Hockenheim” - The sound made over the toilet when I heard about the next track coming out.


Same, good track.


Meh. Hockenheimring won’t save this sinking ship of a game. A few other tracks might actually have kept many players from leaving, maybe even pulled back some of those who already left.

…But T10 never listens or cares about what their players really want, so this is what we got.


To be honest i like hockenheim ring …


It doesnt matter. Always the same guys, who uninstall the game tomorrow, for sure. Highly toxic.


You assume they can whip up a new track on demand.

This would likely have been pencilled in for December at least 6 months ago.


I assume they can deliver a track, that’s in demand by their players, after a 6 year creation period.
Stop making exhuses for this lot of developers.


Maybe you want other tracks but i was missing Hockenheim…

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Even if you dont understand that they have a roadmap, month ahead… they have.


Everybody with half a braincell understand there’s a road map they follow. I question their decision to release a rather boring track, which isn’t in demand, at such a crucial time.

Regardless of how the game was received at launch, this is a critical time to keep the players hooked.

It all comes back to T10 taking the cheap route. It’s not really about Hockenheimring per se, it’s about T10 and their mind-bogglingly bad decision making.


It’s like when Fujimi Kaido is one of most voted track, a ton of peoples want it back, + by put diversity with a track like this, you content the drift community, and you give to players something else to see than just tracks tracks tracks tracks.

^ This is one of some possibilities for try to keep players play your game, no carRpg

Instead of that we got Hakone, build from the ground up for no reason, it’s beautiful between, but that’s all + it’s a shame to make a fantasy track called Hakone, when most of peoples who know Hakone ear first “Hakone TurnPike”


It isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t dislike it.

This track was already on previous titles so nothing new really… they are just putting content from past titles that were cut on this one and calling it “new”


I’ll say this again:

Whatever their plan currently is, they need to take it and trash it completely, because it assumed far more enthusiastic participation than they actually have. Hockenheimring is OK, but Motorsport 2023 needs more than just OK right now. Turn 10 needs to be dropping absolute whoppers of updates from now until the community trusts them enough to accept mid updates again. At the rate they’re going, they won’t have a playerbase to entice back by the time the Nordschleife drops - definitely not on PC and possibly not on console either.


Good track.

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That’s the heart of the problem here. We don’t know what their plan is. They just airdrop news once a month and then we don’t hear from them again. We don’t know if they even have a plan. It’s maddening.

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It’s the track I’ve driven the most irl and it has been a video game stable since I remember so it’s fine for me. Would’ve preferred Monza or Road Atlanta.
Would love to see the old high-speed Hockenheimring through the forest again but unfortunately it can’t be scanned anymore because nature took it back.


Seeing how the “scanned” tracks are in this game, it’s no loss.

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I can think of a few PC developers who would take that as a challenge.