HLR hosted hotlap challenge with large credit prizes!

For all racers, HLR is hosting regular hotlap challenges and we have agreement with T10 they will gift prizes in the form of credits.
1st 1000000 credits
2nd 500000 credits
And a random prize of 250000 credits open to all entrants so you don’t need to be fast to have a chance to win something.

Car Class B Class
Track Lime Rock Full Alt

Competition Starts Oct 4th
Competition Ends Oct 30th at Midnight GMT

Please sign up at our forum and post your time here:

Good luck!

Just managed a 1:01:101 I’m binary baby!!! Lancia 037 tuned by HLR AlphaDog ‘v2 more grip’. Annoying I’m very close to #2 on leaderboards ghost (although he cuts chicanes).

Must keep running, will beat my own time at least!!!


Competition is starting to heat up people. Remember to post your time in our sheet!

Bit of an improvement 01:00:687. Tried Lotus Elise, Celica and a few other models but the Lancia really suits my style best.


After T10 wiped the LB for this track (amongst others) we are now open again to posting your times for prizes. Good luck!

Times are falling below the 1 minute mark, can you get there?

1:00:7 with my own 05 Elise (fastest 05 currently on the board) puts me at 17th on Top Score Leaderboard!!
Need to find a bit more, I’d love to get a sub 1 minute.

Hello, fellow racers. Very interesting. I’ll have my friends check this out. I’m curious how you worked out an agreement with Turn10 to award credits. That could be a very useful feature for encouraging private tourney/league play. Do you know someone on the inside that hooked you up or did you simply contact them and make the request?

One of our team members has a contact, don’t know who and how.

Only 1 day left for this people, get your time recorded!

This is now closed. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the HUGE participation. New HLC will be posted shortly.