Historic/Vintage Racing Fans out there?

Hey guys and girls,

I’m curious if anyone out there shares the love of historic racing like myself. Do the names like Clark, Hill, and Stewart mean something to you? Do you want to relive the battle of Ford Vs. Ferrari at Le Mans or Hunt Vs. Lauda in 76?

I am a Co-Owner/Admin at Realisticracing.net. I’m looking to run historic series and am looking for people that are interested in running in series such as:

60s F1
Vintage Le Mans
70s F1
Classic Touring

If you’re interested contact me here on the forum, via message on xbox to Sniper919, or by PM on Realisticracing.net.

Finally I find someone who likes vintage racing. I am very interested and eager to play with you guys. Hope to hear from you soon!


I’m a huge vintage racing fan! I’d love to join in but my time zone is UTC+2, so not very US compatible!

I even have a RL vintage myself :wink:

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Glad my post got some replies. I’m sure there’s more of us.

I love vintage race cars but prefer to race them at or near their original spec.

I used to race in GPL, Grand Prix Legends, my favorite race sim of all time. 60’s F1 cars, and the 6 wheeled Tyrell are my favorite. So count me in for the league. Now if only Forza would release a 74 Ford Pinto…

Yes, me too. Ferrari 312 bombing down old Spa . . .

Sniper, I’m excited to see what you have in store.