Hiding replays?

What is the reason for this? I have zero respect for anyone that does it. It shows no sportsmanship at all and is the true mark of a total coward. Turn10 should put a stop to this. They should also wipe the leaderboard of anyone that does it.

I can’t decide what irks me more, hiding replays or using TCS in E and D classes.


Like life forza isn’t fair, if it was car builds would be removed and if you can tune an extra tenths better per lap… when playing forza it never feels like a fair anything…

Doesn’t bother me really if someone has a replay or not and sometimes it is just a bug, although not sure why there is a problem if people use TCS in lower classes. Some people struggle no matter the class of car they are in.

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People who struggle are a different issue and I’m totally fine with them using TCS, that’s what the assists are for. Its the guy who is using TCS to get #1 times in D and E class. Seriously, if you want to be considered among the best in the world, then display a little skill and drive lousy 160 hp cars without assists… (And leave your replay visible and let people come gunning for you. If you’re actually good enough then your times will hold up.) I don’t like assists in any class for the top players, but in cars that are really low in hp, you’re just abusing them, IMO. A Cosmo tuned for Prague Reverse in D class does not need TCS. If you can’t do that assist free, then you aren’t worthy of a top 5 time.

I don’t expect people to agree with me. It just really irks me and I’m venting… I consider myself a little fast, but definitely not a top player. I will never have any leaderboard time with TCS, its too much of an advantage and removes too much of the skill aspect. I have total respect for guys like Raul who are ridiculously fast without assists. The joker who is using TCS on every track in the lower classes right now, I have none for him at all.

I think it’s got a lot to do about hiding the tune. There have been several people who’ve said they can figure out a tune by watching telemetry in replays. It doesn’t seem too far fetched once someone knows tuning well and is good with math.

There are certain giveaways from a replay and telemetry that can give insights into how a particular car was assembled. From looking at the car you can tell if it has a rollcage, race tyres and light rims for example, and the telemetry will provide you with camber, toe and gearing in formation.

I get why people do it, but since these leaderboards don’t count for anything other than pride (Race for the Record, which has a tangible prize, uses an untuneable car) it’s kind of pointless to be that competitive. If I’m looking for a leaaderboard tune and the car in 1st place has hidden his tune/replay then fine, I’ll use whatever the guy in 2nd place has instead :wink:


Its a game… Are tunes that special that they need to be guarded like the launch codes for US nuclear missiles??? Give me a break. You can tell the insecure players from the truly elite players. Guys like Forza Jose and OG Oldman run great times, leave their replays up, and then share their tunes with everyone. Somehow, I don’t think Simmo, Raul, and Sch1wo are going to stoop to the level of hiding replays. Why? Cause they are THAT good. Want a tune from RPM Lou? Just ask him and he’ll give you the open source. He may or may not be elite, but he had arguably the best Mini tunes in Forza 5 and shared the open source with anyone who asked for it. I’m sorry, but I don’t get the whole secretive mentality. I guess that’s what insecure people do though. Oh well…

Get use to it.

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So if he can get number 1s using TCS but maybe not if he didn’t use it. He should just be slower to appease people like you in the hopes of some “respect”? ahaha seriously?

Hiding replays should be fixed as there is a glitch/ bug whatever that if you rewind after your fastest clean lap it saves the info but not the ghost. It might be exploited but also can be done on accident.

That being said if the replays didn’t share pretty much everything about the car that would be nice too.

If I remember this leaderboard correctly, the guy intentionally hides all of his times. It’s annoying.

I can see both sides of this. I can understand why someone would want to hide his/her tune. He/she would have an advantage in online racing. I suspect the same happens in real world racing. However, in the real world I can see the car. I can tell if it has a roll cage, what type of tires it has, etc. I cannot see the telemetry of the car. (May be I could if I were a good hacker.) I’d recommend being able to hide the telemetry only.

I like running rival events and being able to see the ghost of the car I’m racing. It gives me a good idea of why the car is faster. Does it corner better, have better acceleration, etc.?

you seem mad.

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And I have zero respect for you.
Are you trolling or are you serious ?

Lou did not have the best Mini tune, it wasn’t even close to tuned correctly. I am taking a stab that you are actually Lou here?

Regardless, you would still not get #1’s with or without TCS available, or with someone elses tune, or with a cheat code that made your car faster. Stop being a cry baby and go get good.


Is it that time of year already? Hiding replays…TCS arguement…blah, blah, blah. It’s personal preference far as both things go. Without forzastats or a “team” leaderboard, it really doesn’t matter. I miss forzastats :frowning:


I miss it too

it entirely at the persons discretion in my opion. i do not blame them from my point of view. they figure out the fastest car and line only for someone to copy. copying is half the effort.

Because cowboy hater multi-tagging leaderboards (again) is soooo much better. Nice try Lou.

And on that bombshell…