Hidden Porsches that are in the trailer, but not the game


Please don’t encourage the unicorn stuff…


Turn10 is garbage and it is what the masses have created. We paid extra for skins, not the physics of the rear engine saga we all dream about.

Back to Assetto Corsa on PC which actually replicates each car as it’s own sim. A RUf ctr and a Porsche in this game are like earth and Jupiter…

You want Porsche? We will find you the “rare” cars and scan them so deep they will feel like every other car in forza!

If I could get a refund I would. I bought an xbox one AGAIN once I heard Porsche is coming back…little did I know I have grown out of the video game feel entirely.


I think the 991 gt3 in that picture is acutally the flying lizard rsr


It is

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The 993 GT2 need to be available and the GT3 too, they are on the trailer after all.

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Also, that thing said more than 20 Porsches. Why are there only 21 instead?!

I think it has something to do with 21 being more than 20


Main problem to me with this car is that they all drive same. In project cars I feel a difference even the pcars engine is far from perfect. In FM4 each car have character and now the cars feel more like horizion 2. I can remember they said in an interview that they ant make the cars as accurate as possible even in physics. That was 2 years ago. In my eyes the will earn not much money with apex. Pc will play the game and then they will go back to arsetto corsa. Because the forza series have lost more and more substance in the same way the cars looks better. To sell cars with nearly the same driving model will not work on pc. This work on Android and consoles. Pc players have a total different buying behaviour.
They don’t fix bugs here in the game…why? Because there are busy with FM Apex. Major Bugs like fuel consumption are being ignored for months. Who long runs the 919 in le mans. I hope more than 3 laps. It’s clearly noticeable that they have not that interest in fixing bugs as whe deserve that. No they introduced major gamebraking bugs. And they now. Don’t play the Riley DP or your game can be unplayable. With that knowledge they release a content update. Must I say more?
It’s looks like the main interest is to saving the budget for upcoming titles. I’m really curious how that free to play model work. Sadly whe can see it because on microsoft store you can’t see sales. But maybe the loose the number of players on xbox they get with FM Apex and then?

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I am surprised at your comment about cars not having their own character here.

With the career series I have run I use a different car every race. Yes its painful to do that but I want to use as many cars as possible.

I have found the change from race to race very noticable. If the cars are similar layout eg front engine / rwd I usually start with the same tune to begin with. I have had to tweak each car differently to get the balance I want.

So I am surprised that you say that they all drive the same.


Sorry I didn’t mean that in that way. More in the way that cars in the same class drive not different enough to me. In games like project cars you huge differences between GT3 Cars. Because the suspension model allow the developers much more variations than in forza. Or in arsetto corsa. The cars in forza are understeering to much in my opinion and you can’t really change this in setup.
And the 4 wheel cars have nearly the same behavior when I put all torque to rear. Then the car should feel like a rwd. In fm4 such differential changes have much more influence.
For me personally the game feels more like a horizion game. The physics in fm4 where simply better in my eyes.
I didn’t say that the physics are in general bad. You can have much fun. But after playing arsetto corsa and pcars I miss the deepness and a progress how suspension and brakes been simulated. I know it’s not easy to this for 500 + cars.

ahh ok.

Yes the range of adjustability is huge in PCars. Fine tuning ie making small adjustments could be a little tougher there (note I stopped playing PCars after about patch 3 so it may have changed).

In FM6 I still find that I can find the tune I am looking for though - I do not want to be able to change the cars a hige amount.

Has no one stopped to think that the “missing” Porsches could be this months DLC?

Yes I did for a second, and then I moved on. :slight_smile:

@Breyzipp: Agreed. Not a chance.

In fact I’m willing to sit here at this juncture and say that the only additional Porsches we may be getting are two freebies similar to what happened with Horizon, or maybe a unicorn. I would be very, VERY surprised if any more came as DLC.

I find it funny that some people on here are excusing this false advertising. Release a content update with a game breaking bug and false advertising. Good job turn 10. Really stepping up the game. What’s next? Do we have to pay for tracks that are put behind a $20 dlc with cars I don’t want? Oh nevermind. You beat me to it.


so the supposed gt3 in the back is the flying lizard and we are pretty certain that is a 993 gt2 so is there any news of the gt2 being a unicorn? i certainly hope not. its doubtful turn10 would put the gt2 in the trailer just as advertisement and then not put it into the game. maybe a few more porsche models will be released alongside the march pack and available to those who bought the porsche pack. or maybe itll be released after the march pack?..either way, while the porsche pack is good i think we can agree it couldve been alittle better

Hey guys i just checked the pic again and i saw one thing. Look between the Flying Lizard 911 and the 718.

Yes, i’m pretty sure that’s a 911 Carrera RS

i think thats the 959

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I think you’re right.

I may be mistaken but use the 2004 911. I’m pretty sure it says 993 or something in the menu listing. I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it said.