Hidden Livery on Super Trofeo?

I was painting one of the Super Trofeo prize cars from this past event, when I noticed something strange in the paint options. Under the “Previous Color” option (if you’ve changed the car from it’s prize Livery) the first option is this funky, red and purple txt.
I tried going in to the vinyls after to shrink it to see if it said anything but I couldn’t access it.
See the photos below and the Video for further explanation on what I found

So does anyone know what this is? Possibly a hint at upcoming events or Forza Horizon 3??
If you’d like try it with one of the designs you can part with and see if you get the same result (watch the video on how to make it appear first!)

Video: ForzaMotorsport 6 Secret Vinyl!!!! - YouTube <<<

You’re thinking way to far into this haha.

It’s just a glitched previous livery, nothing more.


haha maybe, I just thought it was weird after it happened twice

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Just tried it myself

looks like C H 1

This seems to work with any car.
Go to paint , go to previous colours select the one which does the glitch. It does say ch1 depends on the car as to how it comes up

Neat, wonder what that means