"Hidden" launch control....

I merely responded to arrogance and someone on their high horse lol

Yeah, I’m glad it’s back and that we now don’t have to mess around with controller configs to change the clutch to either a trigger or to the right stick. It should allow for some interesting inpromptu races.

Yes I am a console peasant I live on a limited income through no fault of my own so owning both a console and a high end gaming computer is way beyond my reach in fact a high end comp of any kind is beyond my reach so yes I am a console peasant and proud of it. The only thing I am disappointed with as a console peasant is that the rewards scheme looks as though it is going to reward our wealthier brethren with rewards points for both computer and console while us peasants must make do with out poor consoles achievements alone making the rewards scheme totally unfair rewarding people not for playing the game but for how much expendable income we have.


could somebody please tell me how to launch on automatic my Lamborghini huracán lp 610-4 is X999 and I want to win more online on the drag strip any tips the car is no problem I just got the game and I need to learn to launch lol??

I’ve messed about with this and some cars it seems to make a huge difference and in others it doesn’t. The Aventador for example seemed to make no difference at all.

After testing manual with clutch shortly after I bought the game, I figured out that I don’t have to tune the gearing on every car to get a decent launch in FH3. Unlike in FH2 where there is no auto clutch when running M/C. I am pleased to know now that I can peacefully pull out onto a road instead of tapping the throttle and have mad tire spin after a turbo kicks in.

WOOOO platform war!!!
BTW I own all 3 of them, I win.

I will say tho that games will load much faster and play more smoothly on my 4 year old gaming pc than on my xbox one. I bought a couple of games for both pc and xbox to test the differences.
That said console doesn’t have any visual settings to get right or suffer bad graphics. Also no video card drivers to download, or glitches due to hardware compatibility. So its kind of a pick your poison thing really.