Hey Forza, Respond to this if you see it

Hello Forza, I really love the Forza Motorsport and Horizon series, however, will you start to continue the Car pass calendar because I really love how you can get a free car without having to pay credits to get it once it comes out and have a mess about with the upgrades you can do to it. I would even like it if you added the 4K and HDR to your Motorsport and Horizon series (Except the Xbox 360) so people can play it with the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S.

Car Pass is over.

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Horizon does have a 4K mode and a performance mode. Also there are new cars to win every month for free so it isn’t like we aren’t getting new cars. Not sure if they would offer a new car pass. If they did you’d have to buy it.


Pretty sure if it’s too much trouble to buy cars from auto show, it’s gonna be too much trouble to complete a task for a free car…


Car pass is over.

4k is available for both Motorsport and Horizon

Non-4k games can still be played on Xbox One X and S.