How do you installed disc 1+2 at the same time as I keep on going back and forth trying to get this to work but all I keep getting is please insert disc one and onece I’ve inserted disc one its says please insert disk two

As far as I remember you first insert disk 2, install the content and then it will tell you to eject disc 2 and insert disk 1. At this point the content from disk 2 is installed on your hard drive. If you also want to install disk 1 on the hard drive, go to the dashboard and press X on “Play Forza Motorsport 3” and select install. I hope that helps.

No still not working I looked up YouTube and they got a different screen from when I installed the discs

I recently re-installed Forza 3 on my 360. Here’s the steps I took:

  1. Put disk 1 in the Xbox 360
  2. Install disk 1 to the Xbox 360 hard drive via the X button on the Xbox dashboard
  3. Once that installation is complete, launch Forza 3 (disk 1 is still in the tray)
  4. When Forza 3 starts, it will ask you if you’d like to install disk 2
  5. Say “yes” and it will instruct you to eject disk 1 and put in disk 2
  6. Put in disk 2 and go through the menus until the installation begins
  7. When the installation finishes, it will ask you to put disk 1 back in
  8. Once you have disk 1 back in the Xbox, it should run fine.

Remember, games installed on the hard drive still need the disk in the tray to validate that the installation is good. This is a limitation of the Xbox 360. If you don’t own the disk, you are not allowed to play the game, even if it is installed on your hard drive.

Also make sure you have enough space. If you install Forza 3 as well as the bonus content on disk 2, I believe the entire package is about 8 or so GB, so make sure you have that much space.