Help with RWD High Horsepower tuning

I’ve been seeing a new rise in RWD high HP cars in A class recently. Such as the Mercury Cougar, SVT Cobra R, Nissan 240SX, AMC Rebel. Etc. Does anyone know or have an idea of how to tune these cars properly?

Depends on the car, of course, but slightly softer rebound damping to keep weight over the rear tires coming out of corners, high (even up to 100%) differential accel, and -0.1 to -0.2 rear toe are all good starts. Can’t forget rear aero, either, if you’re adding it to the build. You can use gearing to minimize wheelspin if that’s an issue. Some tuners like 1st tuned for a consistent launch. I prefer to avoid 1st after the race start and may not use 2nd if I can avoid it.

The best advice isn’t tuning at all, it’s throttle control. You can mitigate bad throttle control through tuning, but you can’t completely claw back that time with an error-correcting tune. Correct any driver issues and tuning issues get a whole lot easier.

Hmm, I would do about the opposite. Increase both damper rebound and swaybars to calm down the rear and avoid any unwanted rear-end movement.

I like to lift up the car a bit and soften up the springs while I`m test-driving & tuning, and then lower it back to race-height when it behaves like I want it to. Throttle-control will off course allways be a part of this, needs skills to drive any fast car.