Help with car pass issue

Hey I was just wondering if anybody who pre ordered the ultimate edition is having any problems with the car pass download. Mine is hung at 92%. Is this a known issue or a problem with the download.

Did you have the rest of the Items E.G Fast and furious and VIP downloading at same time?

Yes. Just delete the download and re-download it again.
The unlock file is only 10 mb. The whole data of the cars is included in the main-game.

If you get the same error, same procedure. Delete and download the unlock-file until it worked.

Thanks for the reply guys I appreciate it. I ordered the ultimate bundle so I assume it all downloaded at the same time. I’ll delete and re download like noobertson suggested, but I’m gonna do it when I know the first car pack has come out because my theory is maybe it will complete the download once the car pack is out. If it’s still hung then I’ll delete and reinstall.
I just bought my Xbox recently for this game and I’m still getting used to interface without kinect
Thanks again guys

Nope. Each carpack is another 10 mb file.

Until you don’t download and install the car pass, the store will still charge you for every DLC you already paid with the car pass.

The 10 mb files for every DLC / add-on are just the ‘key’ to unlock the content in the game / store.

But of course it’s your decision when you download and install the car pass.

fair enough thanks for explaining it I appreciate it

Have you hard reset your console at all

No I haven’t done a hard reset I don’t know how. I just learned about what the two new buttons do lol. And so I guess how would I do a hard reset. And I’ve tried everything I can think and there is no delete option anywhere.

here’s the link to Snowowls instructions for doing a proper hard reset

It’s all good. When I view the car pass it says 92% and if you select to purchase the pack or the car pass again it says already purchased. Under find car they are all there under the free car tab.
Thanks for the help anyway

Great thanks alot I’m gonn a do one here tonight. Thanks again

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