Help with Agent of Speed Showcase

I’m sure this is the wrong place for this, but since I can’t find the right one, I’m gonna ask any way.

What the hell is the secrete to beating the “Agent of Speed” Showcase? I mean, we as drivers HAVE to follow the road, yet the helicopter can fly cross country and cut corners by miles. Between two of the check points it flies through the first… and not once does it even come close to the road, until it goes through the other, flying in a straight line.

I’ve tried with the settings on:
100% easy
ABS “on” and steering “normal”
ABS “off” and steering “normal”
Opponent always set to “Easy”

I’ve followed the “Driving line” as best I can and have used “Rewind” like it was a life line, yet I still can’t beat the dam event!

Any suggestions… other then breaking the disk would be a great help.

Hi xBTCx Corrupted

I completed the “Agent of Speed” Showcase a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly how I did it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the one where you drive an Aston Martin One-77? If it is, then I suggest pausing the game right after the start and bring up the map. I study the map for a minute or two and see where the course is on the map. This way I know what type of surface I’ll be on and where I should floor it or back off. My other suggestion is to change your setup so that you have a manual instead of an automatic. The shifting is more precise in a manual then in an automatic, so that may help fix whatever speed problems you might have.

Let me know how this works. You’ve just reminded me that I should do the Showcases again.

You are correct, that’s the one. I’ll let ya know how it turns out. Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestion , I was able to beat Agent of Speed following Two suggestions from members on Trueachievements. One was to maintain as much speed through the final corner without crashing into the wall and the other was not to worry so much about the start of the race … ie: “Let it get in front of you, just stay close, again, without crashing.” I tried it your way and got within 4 seconds of winning, then everything just went to hell.

Thank You again for your help!