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Hey painters can u explain to me the process of getting pics from your Xbox to this website… I’ve looked around on how to do it and I’m doing it wrong so a step by step process would be very much appreciated.

Thank you ahead of time!!!


All I’m doing is using as the ‘middleware’ between photos taken in game and having them available on the internet.

(1) Set up a free account with (or any other image hosting site). One reason to use a third-party site is that if you un-share an image in the game, it disappears from the gallery here … but if you’ve added it to an image hosting site … it stays there until you remove it.

(2) Snap your pics in game as usual.

(3) Share the pics from your gallery (Forza Gallery > My Files) in the game. Once shared in-game, they show up here under the Community > Gallery link. Pretty sure our account here at is tied to our Gamertags so there’s not even any setup required. Everyone that shares images in-game should have a gallery page here … (Substitute your account name for ‘NAME’.)

(4) You could technically just get the image URLs from the images shared here and be done with it … but I use the account to keep my images a little more organized … plus the URLs at are shorter than here.

(5) Click on the image from the Community > Gallery page once to expand it to full resolution.

(6) Copy the image URL to either add to your image hosting site or use in posts here using the and tags.

5 hanks wild I appreciate the quick and detailed response… I owe u one so if u race at all let me know and I can hook u up with a good tune open for u to play with. Thanks again!

ERS, happy to help out. Did those steps help you get your pics loaded to the site?

And I appreciate the offer of a tune … I’d love to have a real grippy tune for the 2011 RUF Rt 12 S. I’m running it as a Class S car, but am not really happy with how it handles for me. I like cars that handle as well as possible more than cars with pure speed. Let me know if you have a tune for that one … I looked for one, but didn’t see any Class S tunes by you for the Rt 12.

And if you still have any issues getting some pics posted, just let me know.

EDIT: If you’re going to do a custom tune for that car, can I choose the wheel style and dimensions? I hate that those choices are part of the tuning setup instead of part of the cosmetic design of the car.

I’m going to do a custom one so yes if there is anything on the car you would like let me know… Once I get a good one I will share it but I will shave also pm u everything so u have the tune open open and can make also d just ment for it.

I haven’t uploaded anything yet because I’m still getting alsodjustmentsnything the pics I need for my tuning gallery. Hopefully I will have them all in the next couple of days though to try out how u u upload them

Aaahh … gotcha. The only thing i’d really consider changing might be the wheels … I don’t know enough yet about tuning to change anything else without screwing things up. If you can PM me an open tune where I could change things myself … that would be perfect cuz it would allow me to change the wheels if I wanted.

That’s awesome … looking forward to it. Thx.

I prefer flickr over imgur personally, and both of them over photobucket. Any photo-sharing site will work, mostly it’s just preference based.

Biggest thing to note is that you are looking for the BBCode sharing link with the new forum setup.

BBCode sharing link?

Probably talking about the image hosting site providing a link that already includes the and tags. For example, at, if you click on an image you’ve uploaded, there are about 5 different formats of links to be used in various situations. If they have a BBC code link there that includes those tags at the beginning and end … all you need to do is copy and paste that into a post here.

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^exactly :slight_smile:

Wildcat just letting u know I haven’t for got about the ruf… I’ve been busy building the new cars but I will be doing that ruf shortly.

No worries. I’ve been spending the last few days painting my new Veneno instead of racing anyway. Just give me a shout when you have it done … and thanks again.