Help! The highland charge literally unbeatable

in order to win the bond challenge , the drivatar difficulty must be atleast expert , since i’m not good with corners i’ve firgured i’d stay away from pvp to finish it in my own time,
thing is unbeatable , by the time i’m able to draft to the 2nd place driver , 1st place is already 10 seconds ahead!

tried this with all classes , tried flunking corners , tried legit cornering , always end up within a huge gap to first place.


Even with some street races in town, number 1 gets way ahead, it doenst mather how good i drive ( standard atleast expert )

If you can choose your car/class, just about any race can easily be won on Unbeatable with an upgraded D100 Peel P50.

Bond challenge? What bond challenge?

Did it on my first try. The trick is to brake early and then accelerate into the corners (and of course watching the map to know from which side to approach a corner.

Seasonal event for DLC owners.

It’s just a normal event for me, and I can’t find anything in the season about it.

I thought these bond races were restricted to the car in question (in this case the DB5) but it’s putting me up against for eg RS200, 365 GTB, RX-8 etc?

EDIT: Okay I think this is bugged, first two races were as expected all stock DB5’s (618) and fairly easy. Highland charge part is random comp, this time vs for e.g Maserati 300s (668) Porsche 944 (659) Renault Megane (666)…

EDIT #2: Yep bugged, just done it in the starter Focus lol, Skyfall complete!

I tried giving the corners perfect attention bro , always still ending up within a huge gap , like first place has a ghost engine of some kind , it ruined the game for me for the first time ,

@SuperHornetA51 check your connection , there’s three seasonal events available this week , autumn .