Help me plz

Let’s start off. With I choose Xbox over PlayStation because Forza in my mind has always been better. Then Gran Turismo and simulation last names which is why I like the game. And since the first Forza But I got online with anyway. You can play tag. And ever since then I’ve been absolutely addicted with tag. I just recently bought and downloaded. The expansion pack for Forza Horizon 3 because it was supposed to have this blizzard mountain in it. And that’s what all my people that I play with now that play tag. Play on they don’t want to go to any other game. I don’t like for I guess something got twist up and they don’t like it. I don’t know but this is my crowd. And I just bought and paid for this But whenever I go up to Blizzard Mountain it says i need to buy it. Please somebody help me out.

I don’t know what you mean tag but, I know blizzard mountain is not included in the ultimate edition, not even in the most expensive edition, it was apparently added later on. I read somewhere else that, people can still buy a code for the mountain, you probably need to search for it and good luck. Let’s end off, I played both the GT and Forza, I also feel that Forza is more suitable to me, only unfortunately that, I am still not able to join the Horizon party after all these years, it’s not about money, and I have a feeling that, when I get to it one day, if I can get to it one day, blizzard mountain DLC will probably all gone or sold out oops, but I like to help anyway.