Help - Mazda RX-7 Drift Build

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back! I apologize for being absent for so long - my laptop crashed and had to be sent back to the manufacturer, and then crashed again. Long story short, I’m back and I think everything’s good.

Anyways, to the heart of this thread. I bought a Mazda RX-7 from the Autoshow and bought a replica livery of Han’s RX-7 from “The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift”. Anyways, I now have a brilliant livery for the car, but I can’t seem to get a good drift build going. I’ve tried a few of the YouTube build recommendations, but they don’t seem to work well for me. I was wondering if anyone has a drift build that works well for a new and inexperienced drifter like myself.

Cheers everybody!

hello i dont know about an RX7 but i can make a mean drifting supra!
you intrested i can gift you one